Luccio Moscato d'Asti
Fresh, fragrant, and frizzante with bright, floral aromas that give way to flavors of ripe peach apricot, and honey sweet finish. Pairs well with our Cajun seasoning.

Glass 6 Bottle 20

Semi-sweet white with mild, fruity Lambrusco flavors. This wine is made locally at Elmaro Winery and Vineyards.   Pairs well with our Cajun seasoning.                       

Glass  6  Bottle  18 

Wollersheim Reisling
A semi-sweet fragrant white. Well balanced palate of aromas reminiscent of honeyed pears and apricots. Pairs well with our Cajun seasoned peel'n eat shrimp appetier.

Glass 7 Bottle 23

Baur haus Reisling
Crisp, fresh and fruity. This medium sweet wine suggests flavors green apple, pear and ends with a light citrus flavor. Pairs well with our king crab legs or scallops.

Glass 7 Bottle 23

Wollersheim Prairie Fume
This semi-dry white has delightful citrus and tropical highlights. Pairs well with our grilled tuna or mussel appetizer.

Glass 7  Bottle 23

Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc
Crisp, clean and slightly citrus. This New Zealand white pairs perfectly with anything from the sea.

Glass 7 Bottle 23

Puccini Pinot Grigio
Elegant and refreshing fruit forward style wine offers perfect crisp and fruity balance. Pairs well with grilled or Cajun salmon.

Glass 6 Bottle 20

Chloe Chardonnay
Bright, dry, and enticing flavors including tropical fruits, brown sugar, honey and butterscotch. Pairs well with our lemon pepper seasoning or anything from the sea.

Glass 8 Bottle 24


Elmaro Rose
Our sweetest and most popular red wine. This local red is light-hearted and easy to enjoy. It preserves the suggestion of fruity grapes it is made with. Pairs well with salmon, steaks or shrimp.

Glass 5 Bottle 17

Elmaro Cranberry
Perfect sweet to tart ratio. This delightful sweet red is made with 100% Wisconsing grown cranberries. Pairs well with tuna.

Glass 6 Bottle 20

Elmaro Homestead
This semi-sweet red offers fruity grape and cranberry flavors. Locally made at elmaro winerey and vineyard. Pairs well with salmon or steak.

Glass 6 Bottle 20

Trapiche Oak Cast Malbec
Full of intense fruit flavors with a hint of spice and balanced with approachable tannins. Pairs well with shrimp or steak. 

Glass 7 Bottle 23

L' Agnostique  Merlot

Full of intense fruit flavors with a hint of spice flavors. Aging in small oak barrels imparts a toasty vanilla flavor that lingers through the finish.  Pairs well with steak or walleye.

Glass 7 Bottle 23

Simple Life Cabernet Sauvignon
Balanced and elegant. Suggestions of blackberry, cherry and spice closing with cedar and toasted oak. Pairs well with steak or salmon

Glass 6 Bottle 20

Seaglass Pinot Noir
Expressive boysenberry, blackberry, dark cherry, strawberry and a toasty moch finish. Pairs well with steaks and scallops.

Glass 9 Bottle 25

White House Wines
                              Glass            Bottle

Chardonnay         4                   12
Chablis                  4                   12
White Zinfandel   4                   12
Pinot Grigio          5                   15

Red House Wines
                                           Glass                 Bottle

 Merlot                                4                       12
Cabernet Sauvignon         4                       12
Lambrusco                         4                       NA            1